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1) Propoganda Poster  Pro AI FINAL.jpg
2) Propoganda Poster Human.jpg

In a world where mankind has just made the discovery of self-aware AI, allied governments consider the possibility of creating a civilization wide governing body consisting entirely of autonomous AI lifeforms to serve as the ruling order of a unified global civilization. Individuals and entire countries across the planet are split in opinion as to the ethics and implications of such a system, and resort to the peaceful employment of propaganda content to spread their views.


The poster at left demonstrates the pro- argument: those in favour of putting man's greatest achievement yet—artificial sentient life—in power as the governing body over all human life on Earth. The poster showcases some of man's greatest and most well known architectural achievements from around the world, nested below a floating city—Earth's proclaimed new capitol city— whose construction they claim would be possible only with the help of the sentient AI in command—A city not for one nation or the next, but the city of the future, the capitol city of Earth.


At right is the poster of the opposition to the proclaimed new world order—the side who wills against the relinquishing of man's God-given authority over Earth to an artificial form of life who's nature, intentions and lifespan extend unfathomable parsecs beyond the conceivable comprehension of the human mind. The poster is reminiscent of the Russian Constructivist style, intuitively referencing Earth's history and previous fights among world powers, as a way to draw on the emotions of the hypothetical audience and fuel their passion to protect what they believe is rightfully theirs.

While these posters are of a fictional nature, my inspiration for their creation stems from today's current view of our world's near future—one where I believe a similar duality in philosophy might exist, following the evolution of contemporary AI & ML development. I think the power that art & design have in communicating complicated feelings and contextualising and portraying the state of the world will continue to be an integral part of the growth of this growing field of technology.

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