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Hi, I'm JON!


I'm a Communication Designer with my BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Before I graduated this past spring, I spent my senior year researching and designing Hivemind as my thesis. Throughout the project, I discovered my passion for product design, and aim to pursue a career in that discipline.

"Interaction with information" is one of my favourite phrases. It highlights my fascination with what could be considered very trivial. Data or information is everything and everywhere, and the ways we interact with it—the tools we use, how it's presented, what it means in a given context—can all be tailored to create a great experience for the end user, in turn, improving people's lives and allowing them to make the most of the important information they interact with.

I'd love to connect with you whether it's for professional inquiry, to talk shop, or even just to connect. You can find me around the net at the links below!

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