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Inspired by a study abroad trip to Northern Italy in the summer of 2018; This poster is the type specimen to a serif font I designed, called "Florentino Serif", in a Typeface I created, called "Il Gramenáda". The Typeface is made of Latin-Based glyphs of my own design.


The poster's design is inspired by the masonry present in historical Italian architecture, with the textures comprised of photos I took on the trip. 

One of the biggest influences for this piece was the "Arch of Septimius Severus" in the Roman Forum. The typography chiseled into the marble inspired me to explore the creation of a typeface that utilised geometric shapes that could be easily replicable with simple tools.

If you're able to use the specimen to decipher the typeface, you can read about its fictional history and typographic analysis on the full poster below. (Don't worry, it's in English)

Florentino Serif Type Specimen

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