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88.9 Radio Milwaukee Brand Update Campaign

In 2018, 88.9FM Radio Milwaukee discovered that they had a problem—younger Millennial and just about any Centennials weren't listening to FM radio like the older Millennials, Gen X-ers and 'Boomers before them used to—the station's popularity and presence was on the decline and thus, they did what any good business who relies on depricated transmission methodologies does and turned to the aid of up-n'-coming graphic designers in the same market who's ears they were trying to reach, to find a creative solution to their problem. In this collaboration between MIAD and Radio Milwaukee, I had the pleasure of collaborating with 2 of my peers in a class-wide design competition to come up with the most compelling rebrand campaign to introduce the station's lesser-known web & mobile streaming options to Milwaukeeans, with a focus on a younger audience.

Project Deliverables included 3 separate posters that needed to work independently while also being able to work together, side-by-side; A web advertisement, a bus-stop ad and an extra item of choice. 88.9 shares a building with what used to be Milwaukee's 3rd Ward Stone Creek Coffee, so it only seemed appropriate to design coffee cups that could be used at in-house live events.

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